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Why is SymplyFi the best Internet connectivity and voice communications choice I can make for my business?

The answer is quite simple (pun intended): We offer a fully managed solution to provide for your branch connectivity, communication and security needs; a solution that is built to address the unique challenges of multi-location businesses.

SymplyFi offers a total solution, not just a bunch of products bundled together from multiple vendors — you know, those guys that are focused on just their narrow part of the problem, and that couldn’t care less about your overall business needs..

Best of all, you get just one number to call if there is a problem. And we like our customers happy and productive, so we include free 4G Internet backup to ensure your business never has to stop

What features do I get with the SymplyFi Solution?

SymplyFi includes six core features that are designed to address the needs of multi-location businesses. These features include...

Internet & WiFi –Local Internet service with built-in security and guest WiFi access

Enterprise phone system - Not just phone lines, but a full-fledged PBX that provides a long list of advanced calling features

4G LTE Internet Backup – Ensures that your business never goes down, your credit cards always process, and the phones always ring – even if the local Internet goes down

Branch2Branch Connectivity – Links the network and phone systems in all your Branches together so that management, support, security and resource sharing are all easier

Managed Security & PCI Compliance – We fully manage your network security and address your PCI compliance requirements so that you can focus on your business and protect your customers

24/7/365 Pro-active monitoring & support – We actively monitor your branch infrastructure to identify issues and repair them before they become a problem for you and your customers

With SymplyFi we include full management of the entire solution. We will run your network so you can focus on running your business

What do customers like the most about the SymplyFi solution?

Our customers can’t stop telling us how much they love the 4G LTE Backup feature (included at no extra cost). They love it because it means their business never has to stop, even when local Internet goes down.

Our customers also appreciate that they don’t need to hire and retain expensive IT “experts” since SymplyFi is a fully managed solution. We provide a team of engineers with the technical expertise to back you up and provide proactive support.

And our “one call for help” approach to customer support gives customers just one phone number to call for getting professional help whenever they need it, no matter the problem. We are always standing by to help 24x7x365.

We will even help you interact with your other vendors so that all your issues can be resolved faster.

What questions should I be asking vendors as I search for a branch connectivity and communications solution?

Shopping for technology services can be a daunting and confusing process; it’s often hard to compare features and to know what is and isn’t important for your unique business needs.

That’s why we provide a free worksheet that you can use for comparing vendors. It’ll help you make the best decision for your business. Simplicity and transparency is our goal — even if that means that the best decision for your business is to select another vendor.

But that doesn’t happen often. It’s the rare business that doesn’t prefer the integrated approach (multiple services within one solution) over juggling multiple services from multiple providers.

After all, who doesn’t want to save time, spend less money, and eliminate ALL communications headaches?

What happens if our Internet goes down in a storm or because of road construction nearby?

Unfortunately, this happens far more frequently than it should.

The good news is that our 4G LTE Backup technology will automatically take over to ensure that your business will not stop running, even when your local Internet goes down.

In fact, we will typically know that there is an issue before you do (that’s our job, after all), and will be in contact with the local Internet Service Provider immediately to begin resolving the issue.

While your business continues to run using our 4G LTE Backup service, we will work to get the main Internet connection fixed.

Nothing for you to worry about or to do — except conduct your business as usual.

If I have a problem with my Internet, WiFi or phones but I can’t figure out where the problem is, who do I call to fix it?

You don’t have to figure out what the problem is. That’s the beauty of our “help with just one call” approach to customer service and support — it is not your problem, it’s ours.

If anything goes wrong with your connectivity, communications or security, there is just one number to call. We’ll take it from there.

No hand-offs, no brush-offs to other departments, no vendor finger pointing.

Our team is standing by 24x7x365, always ready to help analyze the issue and fix the problem.

We will even help you interact with your other vendors so all of your issues can get resolved faster.

Our mission is always the same: Get your business back online as quickly as possible.

How technical do I need to be to use SymplyFi?

You need to be able to dial just one phone number to reach our customer support team — that’s all.

Taking the complexity out of the technology is our secret sauce (Guess it’s not so secret now!).

Of course, we also have a bunch of socially awkward IT nerds that are desperately looking for someone to talk to! They are eager to work with your IT staff, provide advanced technical support if needed — and show you just how good they are.

How far in advance do I need to schedule an installation?

Our typical lead time is 3 weeks for planning, configuration, shipping and installation.

However, in emergency situations we can have you online using our built-in 4G data service in as little as 24 hours (this is a great option if you’re waiting for the local Internet connection to be installed).

If you have an urgent need, just let us know; we’ll adapt to your situation as best we can. We are always happy to help.

What do I need to do to prepare for installation of the SymplyFi solution?

We offer two types of installation: self-install and on-site install.

For self-installation, you’ll need to have someone from your team (or your desktop support person) available to physically install the equipment. Once installed, our engineers will remotely test to make sure it’s working correctly. And we’ll provide training to your team to ensure you’re comfortable using your system.

If you don’t have someone available onsite, we offer the option of sending an installation engineer to your site to set up the equipment, test the configuration, and provide onsite training.

In both cases, you will need to ensure that your other vendors (Point-of-Sale, Desktop support, security cameras, etc.) are available to work with us and configure their systems.

How can it be that simple? There must be a catch. Hidden fees? Expensive repairs and days of unexpected business downtime?

No. Nothing extra. Nothing hidden. Full transparency.

We even include a zero-liability warranty. If your SymplyFi phone or other hardware breaks, then we’ll replace it right away with no cost to you, and with no complicated return policy to navigate.

With SymplyFi you get a complete enterprise connectivity, communications and security solution — a solution that is simple to use and simple to afford.

We will run your network so that you can focus on running your business. That way we’ll both be doing what we’re best at doing. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?


  • Internet & WiFi

    SymplyFi includes managed Internet access for all of your branch locations, including dedicated WiFi networks for corporate and guest users. SymplyFi even offers a unique benefit that ensures guests don’t use up all your bandwidth (how rude!).

  • Enterprise Phone System

    SymplyFi is more than just phone lines, it is a complete phone system and PBX. The solution is built on proprietary networking technology which delivers the highest quality phone calls regardless of Internet bandwidth utilization.

  • 4G LTE Internet Backup

    You might think of SymplyFi as the backup generator for your business. SymplyFi ensures that your cloud applications always work, your credit cards always process, and the phones always ring – even if the local Internet is down.

  • Branch2Branch Connectivity

    SymplyFi is a Virtual WAN service that provides a reliable, secure and inexpensive means of linking branch locations - eliminating the need for expensive, complex services from multiple telephone companies.

  • Managed Network & Firewall

    SymplyFi centralizes the management of your local branch network, WiFi services, Firewall, and PCI compliance - removing a heaping serving of stress from your plate, so that you can focus on running your business.

  • 24/7 Monitoring & Support

    SymplyFi is unlike other vendors. We proactively monitor the health and performance of your branch locations to detect and resolve issues, before you - or your customers - notice that there’s a problem.