About Us

We’d Like to Make YOUR Multi-Location Connectivity and Communication Problems OUR Problems

A few years ago, we realized how much of an expensive, headachy task it is for companies with multiple branches to find, deploy and manage telecommunication and networking solutions.

So we founded The Network Cloud Co in 2013. Our goal was to offer a revolutionary, one-stop solution: SymplyFi. And in the years since, we’ve been rolling SymplyFi out to one happy customer after another.

SymplyFi’s First Customer Was Plagued By Overwhelming Multi-Location Problems

SymplyFi originated as a solution built specifically to address an ongoing problem reported by one of our largest customers at the time. With 1300 branch locations, our customer was forced to dedicate entire teams to managing thousands of Internet, telephone and 4G cellular accounts. Their helpdesk spent more than ten thousand hours per year dealing with break/fix and troubleshooting branch connectivity issues.

Our customer had endured multiple attempts at outsourcing. They had tried bundling products together. They had even attempted to build homegrown solutions. The problems were still overwhelming.

And then our customer implemented the first version of SymplyFi. And finally — just like that! — their branch connectivity problems were solved. SymplyFi cut their connectivity-related operating costs in half!

Since that first proof-of-concept trial, SymplyFi has only improved. And lots of new customers have joined that very first customer in eliminating multi-location connectivity problems and slashing costs.

Sound Familiar?

Are you experiencing some of the very same problems that our first customer left behind with SymplyFi?

If so, we’re here for you. Standing by. Ready to help get your business connected and to keep it running — even when your local Internet goes down (thanks to our 4G Internet backup). We’ve created a range of total solutions for businesses of all sizes. As your business grows, we’ll be able to provide a solution that fits perfectly.

At the end of the day we want our clients to feel a sense of trust and a sense of confidence. We want our clients to know that they can depend on us to solve their problems. Because they can. And we will.

Let us run your network, so that you can run your business.


  • Internet & WiFi

    SymplyFi includes managed Internet access for all of your branch locations, including dedicated WiFi networks for corporate and guest users. SymplyFi even offers a unique benefit that ensures guests don’t use up all your bandwidth (how rude!).

  • Enterprise Phone System

    SymplyFi is more than just phone lines, it is a complete phone system and PBX. The solution is built on proprietary networking technology which delivers the highest quality phone calls regardless of Internet bandwidth utilization.

  • 4G LTE Internet Backup

    You might think of SymplyFi as the backup generator for your business. SymplyFi ensures that your cloud applications always work, your credit cards always process, and the phones always ring – even if the local Internet is down.

  • Branch2Branch Connectivity

    SymplyFi is a Virtual WAN service that provides a reliable, secure and inexpensive means of linking branch locations - eliminating the need for expensive, complex services from multiple telephone companies.

  • Managed Network & Firewall

    SymplyFi centralizes the management of your local branch network, WiFi services, Firewall, and PCI compliance - removing a heaping serving of stress from your plate, so that you can focus on running your business.

  • 24/7 Monitoring & Support

    SymplyFi is unlike other vendors. We proactively monitor the health and performance of your branch locations to detect and resolve issues, before you - or your customers - notice that there’s a problem.